A Closer Look at The SECURE Act

The SECURE Act became law on December 20, 2019 and the intent of this new law is to strengthen retirement security.  Having enough income in retirement is an important concept in financial planning.  When we work with our clients and ask them what financial success means to them, the overwhelming response is security - knowing they will not outlive their assets. 
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Small-Business Owners: 3 Retirement Plan Options For You

There are many rewards to running your own successful business.  The flexibility to customize a retirement plan tailored to your goals is just one of those rewards.  You need a plan that works well today - and in the future as your business grows.  Whether you’re a sole proprietor, LLC or S Corp, there’s an option for you.  

All of the options we lay out reduce your current taxes while your assets grow tax-deferred.  You’ll begin paying taxes when you take money out later in retirement, but only on the actual dollars withdrawn.  

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