I don’t think my broker charges me any fees, so why would it make sense to switch to AssetGrade?

Some brokers and financial advisors receive commissions or fees from insurance or fund companies, giving them an incentive to sell you products that may not be in your best interest. This can create potential conflicts of interest and result in fees that are not always transparent to you as a client.

If you're not sure what you're paying your broker or advisor, ask for a detailed breakdown of your account fees and charges. You may also want to ask if your broker or advisor receives commissions or fees from the sale of financial products in your account.

As a fee-only RIA, AssetGrade does not accept commissions or payments from fund companies or other third-parties for the sale of financial products. We select best in class mutual funds and exchange traded funds, based on rigorous financial analysis, and we always look for low-cost options to try and keep your overall fees down. This helps us to avoid potential conflicts of interest and keeps our interests aligned with our clients.