How much does AssetGrade cost?

Investors who work with an advisor tend to fare better. Advisors help to make sure your assets are invested appropriately, encourage the right long-term behavior, implement the best asset allocation strategy, keep costs down, and monitor and rebalance effectively. While a typical advisor fee is about 1%, a Vanguard study shows that working with an advisor can add about 3% in net returns each year. Learn more

At AssetGrade, we strive to be fair and transparent and to keep the costs low for our clients. We do not receive hidden commissions or charge hidden fees. Minimum assets of $750K across accounts (minimum fee of $7,500).

Our Fees For Individual Investors

Your Investment/Assets Fee
First $2M 1.0% of assets
$2M - $5M 0.85% of assets
$5M - $10M 0.7% of assets
Over $10M 0.55% of assets

For the retirement plan needs for your business, please contact us for more information on a custom proposal.