May 2022 Partners Meeting

Patrick Cote |

Dear Friends:

We hope this note finds you all well. Spring has sprung in many parts of the country, and tulips and daffodils are providing a pop of color after a cold winter. As the country continues to open up and families embark on vacations and business travelers resume in person meetings, we wanted to share a recap of last weeks partners meeting with you.

It’s been since the fall of 2019, since the three of us have been together in person. Although we video conference at least weekly, seeing each other in person, sharing meals, and business planning, reminded all of us how much we like each other and how fortunate we are to be partners in a business together. Our friendship goes back many years.

The three of us chose Charleston, South Carolina for a meeting spot - it was relatively easy for all of us to get there and the charm of the city did not disappoint. We stayed at an art hotel in downtown Charleston, named The Vendue, whose building dates back to 1780. Whenever Charleston comes up, everyone talks about the excellent restaurants there. We completely agree! We had a lovely dinner at Magnolia’s on Sunday evening, rolled up our sleeves on Monday and spent the day business planning, and enjoyed our final night at Revival, the restaurant in The Vendue. It was a quick trip (less than 48 hours), but it was time well spent not only personally but professionally.

We wanted to thank you for all of your continued support and trust, we wouldn’t be the firm that we are without you. We are looking forward to servicing our clients many years ahead and are looking forward to many more in person partners meetings.

As the country continues to open up, we hope you enjoy many family vacations and successful business meetings, and please consider Charleston, SC as a future destination for both.

All the best, 

Pat, Kate and Susan