Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

Patrick Cote |


This was the message from a new client to others when she and I spoke about the circumstances in her life that caused her to seek out the services of a registered investment advisor.

The fear - of what; why was it holding you back?

What was holding me back was a sense of shame about my situation.  I had credit card debt and felt it would be too embarrassing to share the details of my story with someone else.

I started listening to “Your Money” with host Kent Smetters many years ago and have since been an avid listener.  Kent has both educated me and scared me.  He has educated me on the importance of getting the basics right: contributing to my 401k, paying down debt and when ready to hire an advisor, ensuring that they were a fee-only advisor.  A conversation about potential out of pocket medical costs in retirement was a little scary but I appreciated the information so I could plan accordingly.

If not for Kent, when I was ready to hire an investment advisor, I would not have appreciated the importance of hiring a fee-only registered investment advisor that provided comprehensive financial planning.  I realized my situation wasn’t going to get any better unless I got over my fear, shared my story, and sought professional financial advice.  I better understand the services being provided for the time I invested to tune in and educate myself.

I’m now moving forward with my plan.  Having made the decision to share my story and seek advice customized to my specific needs, I feel more confident about my path forward.

Is fear keeping you from seeking the help you need?  The road to financial wellness can be rocky at times but you are not the only person who has these kinds of financial fears.  Please contact me to discuss how I can help you to remove those fears and get started on your own smoother and less stressful financial path.