How to Bring Down Taxable Income by $200K+/Year

Setting up a combined 401(k) and defined benefit/cash balance plan can be one of the most effective ways to bring down your taxable income by $200K+/year.  Setting up these retirement plans requires specialty expertise with an investment advisor, actuary and recordkeeper.  At AssetGrade, we have years of experience designing plans that allow for large tax-deductible contributions, well beyond the limits of a 401(k).  We make it easy for you by acting as quarterback for the entire process.

According to the IRS, cash balance plans are the fastest growing type of retirement plan in the United States.  Changes in the tax laws are likely to accelerate their growth even more, as business owners seek to keep their pass-through income below the thresholds outlined above in order to get the 20% deduction.

If you have a profitable small business, discretionary cash flow and are able to commit to the plan design for at least three to five years, a cash balance plan may be right for you.